Life Hammer – A Must Have Tool For Everyone


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A life hammer is also known as safety hammer. As the name describes this Safety Hammer is used in emergency to break a glass window in car or building. A life hammer a must have tool for any emergency in any public transport. This is the small device used to save the life weather on land or in water.

The Safety Hammer is a small tool and generally kept in car, bus, and train to help the passengers in any emergency for escape. This tool is so small that even it can keep under the seat but is strong to break the glass. This hammer is also has a cutting blade on the other side to cut the seat belts. The handle of this device is of plastic and the tip is of steel. To keep a life hammer is making a big difference between life and death. For the personal vehicle the emergency survival kit is available and a life hammer is also included with it. This hammer is quite handy and can be easy for use during mechanical breakdown or any accident. In many cases, passengers are died because of they were not able to break the glass or cut the seat belt. At this time this hammer is really helpful. If the vehicle is fall in the water, at that time all the electric system is failed out. In such cases this Escape hammer is complete the value of life.

Led Safety Life Emergency Escape Hammer for Cars and Autos

List out the Safety Features of Life Hammer

• For high Visibility and for quick recognition, the bright orange color is applied

• Light weight as well as used little space

• Mounting Bracket

• Double sided head with sharp steel points

• High quality blade is used

• One side is used for cutting the seat belt

• Other side is used for breaking the window

Keep in Mind following Points while Selecting Safety Hammer

• Escape Hammer is most comfortable and of proper size as well as weight

• Must sure that the head of the hammer is tightly attached to the handle

• Hammer with a handpicked handle which protects from vibration, impact as well as perfect grip

• Easily replace cracked, loose or splintered handl

• During using the hammer, try to wear glasses or goggles

• Try to maintain secure balance while using Life Hammer

• Never use the escape hammer with loose or damaged handle

While using the Life Hammer, follow this sequence: Locate, Release, smash, shield and escape.

LED Road Flares – The Smart Option for Any Road Emergency


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Now days, the old fashioned flares are replaced with LED Road Flares.led road flares are the emergency safety lights. They can be used anywhere like in snow, rain and in any season. They are self-consuming so no need to reenter into the danger zone. LED Road Flare is the great combination of LEDs. LED road flares are also chargeable as per the necessity. These LED road flares are more popular among the consumers and offer good cost for energy needs. They are the ideal safety signal. The LED Flares 6 Pack is available on demand. The kit of 6 LED road flares available which is a durable transport case that stores the flares as well as keeps them charged as per the need. This kit can be plugged into 120 V of electrical socket as well as 12 V vehicle power. The LED road flares are available in different colors like red, green, blue as well as amber.

6-Pack Rechargeable Traffic Warning Lights Emergency Led Road Flares Flashing Led Strobe Lights Safety Beacon

Applications of LED Road Flares:

  • Underwater repairing
  • In identifying road hazards and used for signaling
  • Used in vehicle emergencies
  • Used as lantern in case of power failure
  • At the construction site
  • In Marine applications for boater emergency safety
  • Placed on any magnetic surface
  • On highways on regular basis or as emergency highway flares

Advantages of LED Road Flares:

  • Water proof up to the depth of 100 feet
  • Visibility is too good: in day light it is 300 yards and in night it is up to 1 mile
  • For air traffic landing zone LED Road Flares are the perfect because in air the visibility is up to 10 mile
  • Enormously durable
  • LED Road Flares gives 360 degree coverage
  • The LED Life is more than 10,000 hours
  • 100 hours of continuous light
  • 10 year of shelf life
  • Lithium battery is replaceable
  • Environment friendly
  • Safe, secure, renewable as well as reusable
China Led Road Flares Manufacturer Factory and Supplier

LED Road Flares are offered great visibility as well as almost crush proof. The durability and the best performance LED road flares are used by fire fighters, police, rescue service officers, as well as many first responder crews and the general public used them in their transport vehicles. The affordable price of these LED road flares makes them more preferable by the average person. They are easy to carry. The led road flares 6 pack are also available.

How to make use of the best life hammer?


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The life hammer is basically like a big hammer which is designed to store permanently in the is designed is such a manner that it will affect the interior design of the vehicle. The many the hammer location is in the center of the car, where passenger or driver can easily reach it or it is placed down low by the seat which is also quite prominent. For visible in the dark also a luminous dot is given, which help to find the hammer in the dark also.

It is used best when there is no issue for storage, like in a commercial vehicle. And the main issue with this hammer is not looking that much great in the normal vehicle and this hammer is 8 inches long which is quite a long hammer. But the best part of this hammer that it will protect your hands from smashing the glass and those parts is specially designed to push out the crushed glass. The life hammer or escape hammer is becoming a life savior in the car accident for the most of the drivers .the safety in the car is increasing day by day for the survival rate of passengers and the number of the survival increasing the demand of life hammer is also increasing. It is because of the all new improved safety design.

The escape hammer main functions are:

• A Hammer is used to break windows in an emergency.

• It is also used to cut your safety belt

• It has a flashlight and different work lamp.

• Warning light by showing red flashlight

• It has a magnet to place on the roof of the car.

• Waterproof

Escape hammer is very small which easily fit in the tool box, purse or even in the pocket also. It mostly comes in a bright color, like in sparkling orange .some is even smaller which can easily fit at the end of your key chain. The escape hammer has lots if feature as compared to different safety hammer like life hammer.

3 in 1 Mini Emergency Safety Hammer Auto Car Window Glass Breaker Cutter Rescue Life-Saving Escape Tool

So Escape hammer, or life hammer will help to give you composure to survive in the water involvement accident .just keep a life –hammer in your car which gives you peace of mind during the time of emergency. Not a single person to victims of an accident, so it always necessary to be prepared with your tools.

Why you should seriously consider buying the modern led road flare?



It is necessary to have a dependable light source which will help at a vital moment, mostly in the extreme weather in this current time of the year. In the winter time a little warm is needed so in emergency you should prepared with the excellent lighting and the survival tools available. During the selection of light source it is required to get a light which gives strong lighting when you needed and also gives you different features which will make you sure that it will not leave you in the dark during the emergency. So you should consider buying led flares which will gives a strong pearly LED light at a little of energy cost in compare to traditional light bulbs.

Many of you will think what so great about this LED flares. LED light is same like those emergencies light lanterns or flashlight but LED light far more superior than this incandescent flashlight. LED doesn’t look like the traditional bulbs because it not contain any glass casing or filament .which means you don’t have to worry about breaking of glass or burning of filament during an inconvenient time .the white LED light will last for over an year than the compare to normal and at also in very low energy cost.

You must be also seen that many manufacturer mix LED ‘s in the lantern or in the flashlights For brighter light they will construct in the same amount of space like a standard bulb will be create .so because of this you will find small LED flashlight will produce huge light than the traditional larger light. Due to multiple features in in LED Flares you can able to use varieties of light setting easily.

6-Pack Rechargeable 24 Led Road Flares Kits Yellow

In LED technology there is also new innovation is built for traffic safety which is a super –sized led road flares. In this Flares varieties of flashlight features are given and it is smoke and flame free, it is self-charging and it can last up to 10 hours in a single charge. And more than that LED road flares is crush-prof, waterproof and corrosion resistant.

LED light is soothing and environment friendly it will protect environment from being damaged .so LED flares is easiest and also save money. And also it is always important to have flashlight in everyone home and car it is logical and necessary thing to do.

Stay and Drive Safe on Roads with Life Hammer and Safety Hammer Device


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In the recent few years, large numbers of companies across the world have offered varieties of safety solutions to car and other heavy vehicle owners or drivers. Along with automotive parts providers, there are large numbers of other companies, including those providing LED lighting solution have offered safety solutions to car users. In this article, you will be able to get a brief on features and specialties of a significant item used in cars, trucks and every heavy vehicles i.e. safety hammer.

Offers 2 in 1 Service to Users

One of the interesting facts associated with a safety or a life hammer is that it comes with 2 in 1 emergency rescue and escaping tool in automobiles, car escaping tools, safety as well as life saving hammer designed by qualified professionals of China.

Works as an Escape Tool Kit

Irrespective of the vehicle you are traveling in or driving, you may opt to use this hammer as a safety belt cutter to survive and at the same time, in the form of an escape tool kit. Specialty of the product is that it acts as a window-breaking hammer incorporating double side head in combination with sharp and hard materials containing points of stainless steel. In this way, you may use the safety hammer to shatter the windows of vehicles as well as belts during emergencies.

Scope of the Hammer Device

Now, let us have a look on the scope and significance of the hammer device to install in vehicles.

Performs Functions as Emergency Escape or Auto Safety System

Vehicle owners and drivers may choose to use the device either as an auto safety type of hammer or as any emergency escape kit.

Useful for All Types of Heavy Vehicles

Individuals may use the life hammer in bus, truck or in their cars.

Hammer Device to Break Windows

Professionals involved in designing of the hammer device are well aware of the fact that accidents may take place on road at any time and there may be situations, when vehicle travelers have to come out via windows (emergency windows). Hence, experts have designed the hammer to allow people using it for breaking of the window in case they fail to open car windows because of accident.

Reamer to Cut Self-Belt

Besides functioning as a hammer, one can also use this device as a reamer for cutting of self-belt in case of road accidents. Most of the times, car/bus drivers and other people sitting within it fail to untie the self-belt during severe road accidents. In this situation, reamer installed in the device would help in untie of the belt by simply cutting it in no time and thereby, allow users to escape in no time.

Why LED Road Flares are of Exclusive Options for Car Owners/Drivers



Are you looking for a sophisticated lighting system to install in your car or other similar vehicle? If your answer is yes, you should go for LED powered flare lights. Strobe lights or LED flare lighting system is an advanced device capable to perform different types of functions and that too by working as a power saving option for its users. In this article, experts have attempted to mention various exclusive features of LED flares and lights available in the market to meet different purposes, along with the functions as lighting systems in vehicles.

Simplest Products Available in the Market

Best thing about every product available as led road flares are simplest and easiest light strobes or lighting systems. One can easily find these products in laced designs with approximately 1 wattage of LED light. In addition, the product comes in different colors, such as green, blue, red, amber and grey, because of which it acts as the right option to use for decorative purposes. In fact, if you look over the scenario and reviews of car drivers or owners, you would likely come to know that people have obtained significant benefits with the usage of flares and lights operated on Light Emitting Diode.

Distinct Products from Traditional Ones

Experienced LED strobe and flare users have identified many aspects of the aforementioned products, which make them distinct from their traditional lighting systems. Reason for this is that large numbers of individuals choose to use flares powered by LED to install in various emergency vehicles. Especially, the products incorporate highest possible flexibility, which forms its prime strength to deliver best possible lighting solutions. Moreover, kits present in these lights are available as different types of mounting brackets to throw high intensity of light beams when set at appropriate angles.

Flashing Patterns

One interesting fact about LED road flares is that they come with dazzling type of flash patterns. This means, products designed by the help of Light Emitting Diode are able to work at very high speed, which would be equal to approximately operational speed possessed by laser systems. If this is not enough, LED flare products are able to provide up to 15 flashes even in a second. According to wide range of interesting yet special features available in led flares, you would obviously conclude that the LED lights are the best options available in the market. Therefore, you should definitely consider for its installation in different cop vans, highways, jam roads, ambulances and national highways.

Auto Escape Hammer Is A Must-Have Car Escape Survival Tools


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If you drive frequently, you might be frightened with the feasibility of being stuck in your car after being concerned with an extreme mishap. In a worst scenario, you might involve yourself or one of your guests, bleeding while not being allowed to get rid of the car. Another horrible feasibility is that you’re stuck in a car while a fire catches your vehicle. If you can’t get out of the car quickly, this can upshot in considerable injuries and even fatality. Not astoundingly, several people are absolutely not ready for this sort of accident; though there’s a simple item that can get rid of you from your vehicle quickly and safely.

A safety hammer is a tool that everyone must have inside their car. When patted on the windows a few times, this hammer can break your glass and allow you escape your automobile to security. Now, you may be thinking that it is a simple thing for anyone to break your window glass and help you get out of the vehicle. Nonetheless, this can upshot in some injuries as well. Furthermore, there’s the risk that the tool the person is employing to break out the glass might come in contact with you and create even more injuries.

Car Auto Escape Emergency Hammer Emergency Safety Hammer With Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Bus Escape Tool Kit

With an escape hammer designed as a car window breaker, you’ve control over the force of use, apart from where the hammer strikes the windows. You can rest assured that you as well as your guests are secure from flying glasses, because you’re hitting it very far from you. An example of this can be witnessed on YouTube where the automobile is being employed to break glass in the door of a car.

A car safety hammer is very simple to use. You can put it on your roadside emergency kit in your car. Really, keeping a couple in your car, one that can be accessed from the back seat & one that can be accessed from the front seat, is never a bad preparation. If you want an auto emergency device that you shouldn’t be without, then this’s it.

China Auto Life Hammer Suppliers Manufacturers Car Emergency Hammer China

A safety hammer is in some cases called as a life hammer, and for good reason. It’s simple enough to make use of, and it can probably save your life or the life of others in your car. If you are a witness to a mishap where a person is stuck, you can use the hammer to help him or her out. Overall, this is a very easy and simple to use tool that every car users should have in their vehicle emergency kit.

Led Road Flares Is A Great Car Automobile Vehicle Emergency Kits



Light is a crucial element of day-to-day existence, and possessing the correct type of lighting both at home and on the go can mean the difference between safety and darkness. Advances in LED technology have made LED lights the most efficient and dependable in any situation.

It takes a little advance preparation to make sure you have the right type of lighting on hand when you need it. Because of their durability and efficiency, LED flares make great candidates for all emergency, travel and outdoor situations. In this article we will talk about how led road flares come to action during emergency.

6-Pack Red 24 LED Rechargeable Led Power Flares Led Road Flares

LED safety flares are the ideal LED accessory for drivers who want to be equipped for any situation on the road. With their high-performance, white LED light, these products can be used as torches and provide you with light during inspection and maintenance work around your car. The powerful colored warning light also ensures visibility in dangerous locations and attracts the attention of other road users.

This product is also great for use by first responders or stranded motorists as VERY durable, inexpensive, reusable roadflares, instead of traditional fire flares. These are safe and non-flammable! With a battery shelf life of 10 years, they are far less expensive as well.

led road flares are a universal roadside emergency signal and there’s no mistaking a few road flares every few feet leading to a roadside emergency. They burn bright during the day and especially at night. While you wouldn’t necessarily want to use one to light up a trunk at night, they do make fantastic emergency fire starters. This alone makes them a great dual purpose device and a supplement to a vehicle emergency/survival kit.

When you are navigating the roadways, it’s important to remember that anything can happen to you and your vehicle at any time. Your vehicle could breakdown, you could get a flat tire, you could be in an accident or you may come across one. When any of these events happen to you, it helps if you are prepared. And this is where a LED flare comes to play by alerting other drivers on the road that there is something wrong and drive slowly to avoid further misfortune. Compared to the traditional fire-based flares LED flares are much safer to use. They are also very affordable, making them a suitable alternative to traditional road flares.