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An elegant & appealing way to reflect a car’s emblem on the ground, LED ghost shadow lights can be positioned on one of the doors. This way it can be worked as a Car Door Projector as well. Majority of such lights demonstrate high resolution LED lighting on the ground as well, which offers the logo & the vehicle a smooth look. Ghost shadow lights also improve safety by making your vehicle more visible during night. Here is a guide on how to install ghost shadow light on your own:

Deactivate the power light: To save energy & keep the power light from running out during installation, employ a screwdriver to lock in the door lock mechanism. This is usually found on the side of the door. This will productively keep the power light from coming on when the door is open.

Take Off the door panel: The precise method differs from car to car, but generally involves first removing the trim, then removing screws with a properly sized screwdriver. Finally, unlatch the pop clips by delicately pulling, and the door panel should be able to be removed.

Make a hole to put the Ghost Shadow Lights: Use a cordless drill & compatible drill bit, make a hole the same diameter as the ghost shadow light’s lens. To make sure the diameter is the same, gauge the drill bit & lens diameter prior to drilling.

Wireless Custom Led Car Door Logo Laser Projector Lights Led Ghost Shadow Lights

Connect the ghost light into the door light: Tap into the existing wires in the door panel to light up the ghost shadow light. Take off the insulation tape covering the cables with the help of a screwdriver. Once the insulation tape has been pushed back, divide the wires apart. Then take the wire cutter & strip the rubber off the 2 wires so that the inner copper metal is showing. Then, tie the logo light wire into the car door’s two light wires by wrapping it around the 2 wires delicately.

Test the ghost shadow light: Activate the power light & then test to check if the courtesy light comes on with the rest of the lights when the door is opened. If it does, it is time to cover the cables with electrical tape.

Reinstall the door panels: Reinstall the door panel & lock in the pop clips, but hang around to employ the screwdriver. If any additional wire is hanging below the door, slip it up inside the door panel. Check to ensure all the buttons & lights are working as they should, and afterward screw the door panel back in safely. Now you are all set ready to enjoy all the advantages provided by ghost shadow lights.