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When someone is stuck in the car and no one is there for the help, at that time the life hammer is always there to save the life of the person. Life hammer is the smallest but very important tool for saving the life. Not only in the car but also in any 4-wheeler vehicle or in any building like home and offices, the life hammer is used. Life hammer is also known as safety hammer and escape hammer.

4 in 1 Multi-functional Car Auto Emergency Safety Life Hammer With Magnetic Base and LED Flashlights

Escape hammer is used when breaking the glass is only the option. Life hammer is used for break the glass of the window. The single pane windows as well as double glazed windows, both are broken by the escape hammer. The seat belt cutter is also available with the escape hammer is the best and smart option. The safety hammer also includes glass breaker, seatbelt cutter. This is the best emergency tool with the lightweight handle with double-headed hammer as well as recessed cutter. The life hammer is always available in dark color like red, orange or yellow which is easily identified at the time of emergency.

Instructions to Use Life Hammer:

The five steps are followed for using the life hammer. Locate, Release, Smash, shield and last important is escape.

A. Locate: hold the safety hammer with its easy-grip handle and keep the Escape Hammer head pointing upwards.

B. Release: Hold the seat belt, hook it into the blade and continue to pull as the blade cuts the seat belts. Cut one by one all the seat belts.

C. Smash: Just one or two strikes are required for smash the glass. Both the sides of the hammer can be used for smash the glass.

D. Shield: This means protect yourself and other’s eyes and face from the glass while breaking it.

E. Escape: And the last step is an escape.

Things keep in mind while using Life Hammer:

1. Always keep the Life Hammer at the place from which the driver and all front seat passengers can easily grab it.

2. Always take the Escape Hammer out of its mounting.

3. Select a certified technician before install the Life Hammer because the vehicle’s electric wiring is damaged.

4. Keep away from the reach of the young children.

The Life Hammer or the Escape Hammer is the very useful tool which is easy to install and use. Install it and save your loved once while any emergency.