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In the recent few years, large numbers of companies across the world have offered varieties of safety solutions to car and other heavy vehicle owners or drivers. Along with automotive parts providers, there are large numbers of other companies, including those providing LED lighting solution have offered safety solutions to car users. In this article, you will be able to get a brief on features and specialties of a significant item used in cars, trucks and every heavy vehicles i.e. safety hammer.

Offers 2 in 1 Service to Users

One of the interesting facts associated with a safety or a life hammer is that it comes with 2 in 1 emergency rescue and escaping tool in automobiles, car escaping tools, safety as well as life saving hammer designed by qualified professionals of China.

Works as an Escape Tool Kit

Irrespective of the vehicle you are traveling in or driving, you may opt to use this hammer as a safety belt cutter to survive and at the same time, in the form of an escape tool kit. Specialty of the product is that it acts as a window-breaking hammer incorporating double side head in combination with sharp and hard materials containing points of stainless steel. In this way, you may use the safety hammer to shatter the windows of vehicles as well as belts during emergencies.

Scope of the Hammer Device

Now, let us have a look on the scope and significance of the hammer device to install in vehicles.

Performs Functions as Emergency Escape or Auto Safety System

Vehicle owners and drivers may choose to use the device either as an auto safety type of hammer or as any emergency escape kit.

Useful for All Types of Heavy Vehicles

Individuals may use the life hammer in bus, truck or in their cars.

Hammer Device to Break Windows

Professionals involved in designing of the hammer device are well aware of the fact that accidents may take place on road at any time and there may be situations, when vehicle travelers have to come out via windows (emergency windows). Hence, experts have designed the hammer to allow people using it for breaking of the window in case they fail to open car windows because of accident.

Reamer to Cut Self-Belt

Besides functioning as a hammer, one can also use this device as a reamer for cutting of self-belt in case of road accidents. Most of the times, car/bus drivers and other people sitting within it fail to untie the self-belt during severe road accidents. In this situation, reamer installed in the device would help in untie of the belt by simply cutting it in no time and thereby, allow users to escape in no time.